Finished Chimney

The weather was perfect for working outside these past two days.  I was even down to a t-shirt a couple of times.  I was on my own for the finish and I sure appreciate Ricky’s help when I had him.  The mortar goes far with cultured stone so I didn’t have to mix too much.  It was exciting to tear the scaffold down and see the completed product.  I really like the texture.   Sierra Mountain Ledge is a good product, I would work with it again.

The Work Goes Well

The threat of rain is always there it seems but other than some sprinkles and chilly wind, the weather has been decent for this job.  The past two days saw lots of production as Ricky and I kept moving on down the chimney.  The texture of the chimney is nice and this type of cultured stone is a good choice in my opinion.  This stone is called “Sierra Mountain Ledge”.  Should be close to completion in the next two days.

Eldorado Stone

It is always nice to work locally and enhance a new home with a nice chimney.  The weather has been leonine this March as scaffold was set up in flurries and metal lathe stapled  up in the rain.  The past few afternoons have cleared to sunny skies however and the job is starting to move along.