I had a great trip in NY with Luca where it was pool weather every day.  We came back on July 5th to great Northwest weather as well.  Not pool weather but definitely summer.  It has been very busy this past month.  In continuing to enclose a yard uptown that I have been working on off and on for awhile,   I recently finished the gates and trellis’.  They came out really nice with good communication between myself and the homeowner.  I am happy to have made their vision a reality.

I have also been back downtown restoring old chimneys, this time next door to the ten chimneys at 810 Water St.  Again the mortar was too deteriorated to salvage so I tore them down to the flashing and rebuilt them.  This time there were only three chimneys to rebuild.  Unfortunately, everything I do up there gets covered in seagull guano.  Oh well.