I am making much progress at the Boy Scout Cabin.  The block work on the inside is finished and into the ceiling.  I have started the river rock work and got the big stones on over the firebox today.  I also got a brand new mixer which helps things hum along.  It is a very fun project and I am excited to keep adding mixer grouting stone scout stack river rock


I have started a very exciting project for the new Boy Scout Log Cabin they are building in town.  I am building a 25 foot tall river rock chimney with a Rumford fireplace.  All the materials are on site and we have had three days of great progress.  The firebox is in, the first four feet are grouted and the next four feet are  complete.  It has been very enjoyable so far, can’t wait to get some rock on it.cabinmaterialsMike with Rumford luca boy scouts

Red Bricks/ White Bricks

Inca Red PorchInca Red PorchInca Red PorchWoodland Columnswoodland columnswoodland columns 2Before shot with old painted brickswhite brickswhite bricks 2