Hitting the Ceiling

Well I am about two days away from having the inside completely river rocked to the ceiling.  About 30 inches on one side, a little more on the other.  It is going well but tough hauling big stones up that high.  After I finish the interior, I will continue the block work from the roof and go up two feet above the peak.  Getting there.river rock river rock and ceiling chimney and scaffold

Half Log Mantel

The large stones above the firebox went in with rebar pins, epoxy, wire and wood bracing.  The stone work has begun in earnest and very quickly it was time for the mantel.  A log ripped in half was predrilled and slid onto pins that I epoxied into the concrete filled blocks.  It went in very easily and in no time the rocks were tucked underneath it.  The mantel really adds to the rustic beauty of the project.  I am up above the mantel now and the stone is going fast.  Too much stuff in the way for current pictures but soon.stream bedMantel Install mantel full view mantel detail