What Lies Beneath

The soil at my own house is completely absent of rocks.  I often envied the people who unearthed nice glacial stones while gardening…until my last job.  I have never had a more difficult time digging.  The excavation unearthed hundreds of stones, one of which weighed about 700lbs.  We were able to get it above grade with my trusty Toyota jack, then used planks and pipes to roll it near the house as a place to sit.  After the area was FINALLY graded, by hand in some really nice weather, I was able to define a nice outdoor space with Roman Stack Stone (concrete product), crushed granite gravel, and stones for a fire pit and as a ring around an existing shrub.  In the end it was a dramatic transformation that I am quite pleased with.Rocks! am elsa jobsite shrub detail firepit progress layout Floating stone Fire Pit Finished Product