Creative Process

The most recent project is part of the client’s vision for an outdoor heat stove and pizza oven.  A recycled Heatilator with some welded additions form the shell for an oven and chimney made with hundred year old brick with rock highlights.  Working with the owner’s guidance was a real pleasure and I am happy to say the end result exceeds expectations.  The idea has become reality.  We incorporated some Craftsman detailing such as the extended corners and angle irons that are both functional and decorative.

Also in the past months I have completed some bluestone paving projects.  One is a square and rectangle pattern under a porte cochere and the other is a diamond pattered walk from the driveway to the front door.swantner up corner swantner top from house swantner front swantner oven swantner gutter detail argylepatterned bluestone 2