Spring is Here

The Pacific Northwest is having a beautiful stretch of weather for Spring.  We traditionally have a cold and gray June so May is feeling pretty good right now.  The late winter months were spent installing herringbone brick paths in the yard of an historic Victorian home.  The paths are a perfect compliment to the house and the time period.

There have been quite a few repairs lately as well.  Interesting to see how chimneys holdup over time.  I revisited a chimney I built over ten years ago to assess the condition of the cap stone on the top of the chimney.  The 300 piece of Montana mossy sandstone had large fissures in a few places.  I had a steel plate fabricated, removed the stone, epoxied the plate to the stone support pillars and reset the stone.  I epoxied the crack and clamped it tight.  With the steel plate that reads as a shadow from below, the stone can remain up there safely for many years to come.


herringbone process herringbone manual Herringbone Herringbone Corner Cracked Stone Epoxied Steel Plate Clamped Stone Finished Repair Montana Mossy Sandstone