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Retaining Wall and Patio June 2015

basalt dumping ground paver excavation basalt wall pavers wall field pavers and wall path pavers 1 paver steps pavers 2 stair detail pavers rain

Living Room Update from previous post

white brick 2 white brick 3 white brick

Rebuilding with brick and tile

firebox 3 T brick arch T string T surround to mantel T epoxy T tile T finished

Herringbone Revisited

Since March, the flowers have really filled in due to the tireless efforts of the homeowners.  It is nice to do work that compliments its surroundings.  herringbone revisted 2 herringbone revisited herringbone review

Upcycled Concrete and Clay

I love when I get to reuse old concrete and bricks.  I had the opportunity to reuse some concrete slabs and sidewalks that were all broken up.  I laid the pieces just as I would stone for a walkway and left good sized joints for some nice walkable ground cover.  On another job I rebuilt a historic chimney on a house that was lifted for a new foundation.  I reused the original bricks from the 1870s home.urbanite pooch conklin chimney

Before and After

When I saw this garage with a potential for a disastrous landslide, I was excited to transform it into a structurally sound space.  The reinforced c.m.u. wall is built to hold back the earth and the new framing supports the house porch above. gray before back gray before dirt wall gray block progress gray after

Lord Rumford

The herringbone patio is finished, complete with rave reviews from the Fourth of July party goers!  Now it is onto a nice Rumford fireplace and chimney.herringbone finished 4 herringbone aerial 3herringbone finished 2 herringbone finished 2 mercier block work  mercier fireplace floor frontmercier throat pieces installmercier rumford instagrammercier wolf tile


Herringbone brick patio moving right along in stellar weather.  herringbone 1 herringbone 2 herringbone 4 herringbone 3

Spring is Here

The Pacific Northwest is having a beautiful stretch of weather for Spring.  We traditionally have a cold and gray June so May is feeling pretty good right now.  The late winter months were spent installing herringbone brick paths in the yard of an historic Victorian home.  The paths are a perfect compliment to the house and the time period.

There have been quite a few repairs lately as well.  Interesting to see how chimneys holdup over time.  I revisited a chimney I built over ten years ago to assess the condition of the cap stone on the top of the chimney.  The 300 piece of Montana mossy sandstone had large fissures in a few places.  I had a steel plate fabricated, removed the stone, epoxied the plate to the stone support pillars and reset the stone.  I epoxied the crack and clamped it tight.  With the steel plate that reads as a shadow from below, the stone can remain up there safely for many years to come.


herringbone process herringbone manual Herringbone Herringbone Corner Cracked Stone Epoxied Steel Plate Clamped Stone Finished Repair Montana Mossy Sandstone