A Healthy Ending

I was bogged down with a cold or allergies this week and unable to work Tueday and Wednesday.  I was so excited to finish this wall but I rested and waited.  I felt well enough on Thursday to work on it and I was pleased to finish it by 2:30p.m.  It has a terrific serpentine quality and a lot of visual interest.  Despite the wavy and knobby top, there are still at least four flat spots to sit.  The glass pieces really set the wall off.  There is even a glass bowl embedded in the masonry for the frogs to live in (or snails, whoever gets there first).  With a broken rock and a very round one I was able to create what I think looks like a baseball in a catcher’s mitt.  Lots of fun on this project.  Can’t wait to see this one surrounded by shade plants and nice gravel.