Dig, Dig, Dig

My latest project is a brick patio to accommodate outdoor table and chairs, a chiminea and serve as a compliment to the surrounding flower beds.  Hand excavating the two hundred square feet for this job was a very labor intensive endeavor.  There was a lot more dirt than I thought.  Luckily this was the hardest part.  After the dirt is removed, lines go up to define the shape and establish level.  There are lines everywhere so watch your step!  After the guide lines are set, the weed blocker goes in and on top of that, 1/4 inch minus crushed gravel.  The gravel is compacted to a hard packed base.  After the gravel comes the sand.  I use metal pipes as levelers for the sand and then a straight 2 x 4 to screed the sand flat and level  This system works very nicely and once the pipes are removed the bricks get installed with minor adjustments.  The bricks are going in fast now with about 600 installed, 400 to go.