The Work Goes Well

The threat of rain is always there it seems but other than some sprinkles and chilly wind, the weather has been decent for this job.  The past two days saw lots of production as Ricky and I kept moving on down the chimney.  The texture of the chimney is nice and this type of cultured stone is a good choice in my opinion.  This stone is called “Sierra Mountain Ledge”.  Should be close to completion in the next two days.

Eldorado Stone

It is always nice to work locally and enhance a new home with a nice chimney.  The weather has been leonine this March as scaffold was set up in flurries and metal lathe stapled  up in the rain.  The past few afternoons have cleared to sunny skies however and the job is starting to move along.


My new sign design is here and I could not be happier.  The sign shop took my trowel drawing and my ideas for Arts and Crafts lettering and translated them into a design that expresses my business perfectly.  A lot can happen when I put that trusty Marshalltown trowel in my hand.  I like seeing it so boldly symbolized for all to see.

Opening Doors

The closet remodel is finished and the difference is quite dramatic.  Through plaster and lathe the sawzall created the rough opening for a new door.  The old closet entry is now a memory.  A fun project.

Masonry and more!

The answer to the question of whether I do “other” types of work is yes.  On the completion of my most recent brick project, the homeowners asked if I would remodel their closet and change the door location.  I happily agreed to do it and it is going well.  I am just as comfortable doing carpentry as I am doing masonry.  It is nice to mix it up.

Leg Work

Being the boss means getting the jobs, getting the stuff, and doing the jobs.  Went to the brick yard yesterday which is a distance away and loaded up for my current project.  Of course it down poured on the way home and none of my stuff was covered.  I got home quick enough to keep everything dry.  Mortar doesn’t like rain.  I am cutting a lot of these bricks at home because it is so messy.  I would rather make a mess in my yard than a client’s.  The old Milwaukee grinder is toast so I switched to Bosch, nice tool so far.

It’s Official!

I am officially licensed in the state of Washington to be a specialty contractor.  The specialty in my case being masonry.  I have met some nice people during this process and it was pretty easy to do.  So I am licensed and bonded, time to get to work!

Blast Off!

The Artisan Masonry website is up and running.  Check it out and come back often for updates and new projects.