Dry stack basalt and Montana Gold path
Dry stack basalt planter
Pizza Oven Surround (Artisan Masonry does NOT do the oven)
Brick and Stone and Misc
Brick, Stone and Found Objects
Brick and Stone mix
Pioneer used pavers and river rock
Pioneer used pavers and river rock
Brick pavers and river rock
Cat on wall
Deliberately deconstructed cmu wall
cultured stone detail
frog house
whimsical wall
whimsical wall with Elsa
gulls and chimneys
restored 1893 chimneys
cultured stone chimney
whimsical wall
whimsical wall top
whimsical wall
brick, stone, glass
whimsy wall with kitty
whimsical brick wall
Brick and paver front entry
Granite decorated by Nature
Granite-strong, bold, versatile
River rocks and white oak floor
Granite fireplace
Rocks and timber
Basket weave brick patio with bluestone entry stone
Clinker Brick and River Rock Wall
Clinker Flower Bed (detail)
Outdoor shower
Clinker brick and river rock flower bed corner view
Clinker brick and stone column with integrated cedar railing
River rock column top with found objects
Dismantled historic brick chimney
Restored historic brick chimney
Clinker brick and river rock retaining wall
Drystack Montana sandstone
Drystack Montana sandstone
Drystack Montana sandstone (detail)
Clinker and used red brick with river rock entry wall
Clinker and used red brick with river rock column
Basalt garden wall
Basalt garden wall (detail)
Bluestone walkway
Inside to outside
Outdoor shower stall
Outdoor shower stall with soap shelf
Outdoor shower tumbled bluestone
Outdoor shower with custom door (note the recycled masonry float door handle)
Clinker flower bed cap
Elsa the helper
Tumbled bluestone edging
Historic home with restored chimney
Restored chimney upshot
Restored chimney with window
Clinker wall cap
Clinker wall with foxglove
Clinker wall detail
Clinker wall detail with beach found water spout
Drystack Montana sandstone
Bluestone hearth notch
Pebbles and river rock outdoor shower
Pebbles and river rock (detail)
Before the masonry treatment
Clinker brick and river rock flower bed and columns add curb appeal